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        Is there a long contract?

          No. Our agreements range from 1 to 12 months. However, the
          longer you advertise with us, the greater your savings!

        Do I have to create an ad?

          No. We can create your ad for you for FREE! You may
          provide logos, pictures and a copy of what your ad should feature.

          Our in-house graphics team provide a quick turn-around; using
          the industry’s advanced technology.

        Do I have to provide a picture?

          No. We also have an in house photographer that can set up a time
          to shoot pictures.

        What size ad can I choose from?

          You can view our spec sheet, if you click here.

        Does Buzzzz'N accept Credit Cards?

          Yes. Master Card, Visa and American Express

        Can I get a discount or special rate?

          Yes. We have various discounts and specials we run throughout the               year. We also offer multiple magazine discounts.

                    Contact Buzzzz’N for rates & specials.

        Can I use coupons in my advertisement?

          Yes. Every consumer enjoys savings.

        Can I have my business featured on the cover             page?

          Yes. Buzzzz’N has inset spaces on the cover. The main cover
             picture features attractive and colorful local areas and events.

        Can I have an article printed about my

       Yes. We offer this to customers who agree to an annual
       contract. Please see some examples of our articles here.

        Will my ad be placed on the Buzzzz'N

       Yes. All advertisers will have their business listed on the website.
       They will also be linked to their company website; if applicable. This
       service is free of charge.

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