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       Why Buzzzz’N Works:

              Each magazine is mailed to 10,000 plus upscale homes with a
       $75,000 and up income within 3 to 5 miles of your business. WE TARGET
       this mailing by postal routes rather than zip codes, so we can identify
       the specific neighborhoods we are mailing to.

              No wasted mailings to households that cannot afford or need your
      services. We work with a local mail house so that we can research out
      monthly mailings and add new developments as needed. Currently each
      of the four magazine locations covers 10,000+ (each magazine) with a
      current total package mailing of all 4 magazines being 61,000 homes. This
      equates to just pennies per issue.

    You can see an online example of what Buzzzz'N looks like


              Stands Out in the mailbox; yet conveniently sized to be able to fit
       in a purse, back pocket, over the visor in the car or glove compartment.
       Attractive local cover contains no ads. People are not embarrassed
       to have our magazine on a coffee table or counter.

              We target your Business instead of taking the chance of someone
       picking it up at retail businesses.

              People are 80% more likely to remember your message if it is in color.        We publish a full color high color gloss magazine that represents your               business in a high quality manner.

       Shelf Life:

              Advertisers give the feed back of a 30 to 60 day shelf life and more.        Please call any of our advertisers. We offer a unique magazine format               alternative, instead of coupon fliers, envelopes, long article driven
       magazines to one shelf day newspaper.

       Renewal Rate:

              80% from our advertisers

              Local information on events, interesting quick read articles on local
       people,charities and local business owners. Let us highlight your
       business with a human interest article.

              EACH MAGAZINE has a 2 page calendar of local events
       that keeps the shelf life longer.

       FREE website listing and link to your website

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